Day 21 #100Days Habit Forming?

“They” say, that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Apparently, it becomes easier to do the thing you’ve been doing for 21 days, once the 21 days has passed. I don’t know how it could get easier..but I can’t wait to wake up on Day 22 and see what’s different.

Or 21 days to break one, like sugar, or smoking.

21 day challenges are aplenty if you Google 21 Day Challenges.

People go on vacation for 21 days.

21 days doesn’t really seem like a big deal…

Except maybe when you’re 21 days into a #100Days challenge and you know you still have 79 days to go.


What’s even more maddening is on Day 20..having the thought that you might want to do 200.

Today is in fact, Day 21 for Cindy and I. Both of us, unbeknownst to the other, had major dental work done yesterday (Day 20). So neither of us had the gumption for an intense bootcamp or boxing workout. Without touching base, both of us ended up walking through our 20th day. Both of us, jacked up on Advil and Tylenol because of our respective tooth aches and pains. I tell you one thing I appreciate about that very much…that the Universe thinks it’s a good idea to throw a similar/same challenge at us both on the same day so that we end up knowing we’re not alone, without even knowing until after the fact.

That’s the beauty of having a buddy to do something like this with. While she isn’t eager to jump on board to do 200 days with me…or at least the possibility of doing 200 days…she did say I could ask her on Day 99. So she didn’t say no. Those are the kind of people I want to have in my life. The kind of people who are willing to *gulp* and jump into something they don’t know if they can do. That’s what I’ve tried to do. Cold Shower Therapy worked the same way for me. I took on the 30 day challenge and never looked back. That was almost 2 years ago. Now I can’t start my day without ’em.

So how’s Day 21 shaping up? Well. I went for a walk at lunch and run some errands. I would call it less “running errands” more like “hobbling around getting some things done”. My legs are t i r e d. So tired. Which doesn’t bode well for tonight’s class which we know I don’t love. It is by far one of the hardest classes of the week.

It just has a fun name.

Hustle. Yeah. There ain’t no dancin’ that goes on in this class. Stupid hustle.

And yet I keep going. Because each week I notice I can do more than I could do the week before. That’s called Madness right?

I’m not going to lie. It’s been a rough 21 days. My life consists of work, workouts, showers/baths, dinner, Olympics, bed. Every day. For the past 21. I’ve had 2 dates for tea with friends, and one birthday dinner out, all after workouts. I try and run as many errands as I can at lunch so I don’t have to do as much on the weekends. Come the weekends, I work out, I try and get as much rest as I can, I do laundry, I clean the house, and I food prep for the week. So boring! But necessary right now. And I’m looking forward to finding some balance but mostly looking forward to being rested on a Monday morning.

So Day 21…not exactly feeling like a super hero..but getting there.



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  1. Awesome, awesome job! You’re doing fantastic! I’m about to hit Day 200 – I started back in August with my 100 Day challenge. Welcome to the “club”! 🙂


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