Day 60 – What I’ve Learned So Far #100Days

Guess what?

Today is Day 60 of the #100Days workout challenge. Seems hard to imagine that 60 days ago both Cindy and I were freaking out a little bit that we had just committed to this giant thing. This challenge that didn’t seem all that possible. What the heck were we thinking? Who does that?

And today…we’re at Day 60. We are more than half way there.

Cindy has completed her 30 day yoga challenge and is nursing a bit of a hip injury so she’s taking it a little bit easy this week.

I was away for the weekend and before I left, I worked out twice on Friday. Once at 6am and again at 830am. WHO. Am. I?

I also took a time out from the girliness of the girls weekend so I could fit in my dirty dozen workout in my room upstairs at the B&B. What the heck?

I won’t lie. Sunday morning, i took full advantage of the hot tub on the deck and sat in it for 90 minutes…my body was so grateful.

I’m utterly exhausted from all the relaxing the last few days.


We don’t spend a lot of time being idle…Cindy and I. We both had to buy more work out gear because we were constantly doing laundry. And today, I find myself wondering what I’ll do when the #100Days is over. I got some messages on the weekend from people who I didn’t even know were paying attention to what I’m up to, who were inspired by what I’m up to. One friend who was going to secretly take on a challenge of his own, and was cursing me for raising the bar for everyone else. I wasn’t intentionally doing that. I just knew for me, I needed something, a positive focus to help me get through my heartbreak. And while it’s still there, and I will never be the same person I was before it happened, I’m stronger. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and especially physically.

I have made new friends through this process who feel like forever friends. One in particular who inspired me to kick some a** at my other gym and while she’s no longer going to be working there…I’ll think of her every time I go and work out there. Because she really got what I’m all about. That my challenge wasn’t just about me. That it was about so much more than that.

I’m just a small piece of what this challenge is about. And honestly..I haven’t had the results on the scale that I would’ve liked so far. In fact…I’m pretty sure I lost the first 10lbs and then stayed put. I have learned that I don’t eat enough. Which I never thought I would say. But I’m about 400 calories less than where I need to be every day for the level of activity. I’ve learned that I actually kind of like squats and push ups and I really really don’t like burpees or mountain climbers. I’ve learned that the people you think aren’t even paying attention, are. And they are cheering you on. I’ve learned that dedicating my workouts to the people who inspire me makes a world of difference in the level of work I do when I’m at the gym. I’ve learned that I’m much stronger than I think I am. I’ve learned that I hate the kettle bells as much as I don’t hate them. I’ve also learned that something like this wouldn’t ever even be possible without buddies helping, supporting, cheering you on. Taking on a challenge like this, quietly, isn’t the most effective way to go. Taking it on and kicking a** at it means sharing about it. Getting people under you to build you up.

The fact that I’m even considering continuing once my #100Days is over speaks volumes. I don’t want to stop. Stopping means risking falling back into the rabbit hole of heartbreak and I’m not willing to go back there. Stopping means, while the scale didn’t go down the last little while, it didn’t go up either. And I’m not willing to go there either. Stopping also means losing focus. And I’m definitely not willing to do that.

In fact…I’m considering up’ing my game.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? On how do do that? Seems hard to imagine that I’m considering doing that given I still have 40 days left…but I don’t want to lose the momentum and I definitely don’t want to survive the next 40 days. I want to kick a** during the next 40 days.

How about you? Where in life could you use some momentum?



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