‘Tis the Season – metaphorically speaking


Did you know that only 8% of people who make resolutions actually keep them? That’s kinda sad isn’t it? While the intention is there, it’s not really the way to go.

I have had many  many conversations lately about “willpower” and “stick-to-it-ivness” and also, the word resolution has been thrown around. But here’s the thing. My year hasn’t been about any of those things. Willpower is simply something we say. “I have no willpower” as a way to not be responsible for the choices we are making.

I didn’t say to myself at the beginning of 2017 that i would have a lot of willpower and be strong so i could stick to my goals. No. I got committed to something. And that something was my health and wellness. I created wellness as a possibility in my life. And then…I took actions to support that commitment. i wanted to be well. i wanted to feel good. i wanted to have strength, not just physically but in all other ways too. I wanted to be proud of who I was.

I focused on creating new patterns, and altering who I was, and changing my environment to support what I was committed to. I beat myself up sometimes when I ate something I maybe shouldn’t have. And then I called my buddy and she reminded me that I am human and sometimes, that happens. She was dealing with her own resentments about the foods she could no longer eat. it was a process. it took a lot of baby steps to get where I am now.


“Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.” ~ Rich Warren

My journey started out being all about me. I wanted to get healthy. I wanted to get off the blood pressure medication. I wanted to be hot. I wanted to feel good. As I went through the process and started to create actual transformation in my life, I started to realize I was having an impact on those around me. And what I also started to realize is that I was more and more enraged by the diet industry. Personal transformation, be it physically or emotionally is about so much more than an 8 week diet. It’s about so much more than pre-packed meals and so much more than counting points. It’s a journey of discovery.

People keep wanting me to tell them that I gave up sugar and BAM! I woke up and I weighed almost 100lbs less. But it isn’t that. I have had people get pissed at me because I don’t have a quick answer. it IS a lot of work. it’s a constant ebb and flow of moments of deep valleys and despair. It’s moments of celebration only to wake up feeling like you’re a giant failure and you’ll never get ‘there’. It’s about mentally staying committed to what you really want. it’s about emotionally not letting the voices in your head win.

Back in Feburary, only a month or so after I started my journey, a friend shared an article with me. It’s called “Extinction Burst – You Are Not So Smart”  and it completely changed my life. I started to see my inner voice as my nephew when he was 4 and wanted to crawl into bed with his parents, and my brother wouldn’t let him. So he started to sleep on his pillow in their doorway in the hall. It was an adorable visual and it made me realize that my inner voice was just a child having a tantrum. And I could give into that tantrum or I could stay committed and create a new pattern.

I highly recommend reading the article over and over again. I did. And it helped.

I know you want a quick answer. I know you want the fastest, quickest route to waking up thin and healthy. I wanted that too. And now I don’t. Now i want the process. Now, i want to have the conversations and I want to transform something. I want to know what it’s like to create myself newly and to have new conversations with friends and family knowing that they are inspired by what I’m doing. i want the ebbs and the flows and the tears and the cheers. I want the hard stuff. i want the tough stuff. I want to cry the weight away. I want to cold shower my way through the unhealthy stuff. I want to have tantrums and not succumb to them. I want to be uncomfortable.

You might be thinking why the heck would I want that?

Well. I can tell you that I want that because on the other side of all of those things is where the transformation is. On the other side of that is where the pride is. On the other side of that is the mindblowingness of being inspired by  my own damn self.

More of that please. More and more.

Rita xo


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