I have spent the past year learning how to make myself a priority. Loving myself more than anyone ever could, and more than I’ve ever loved myself before. It’s taken me almost a year to get to a place where I want to share the journey with others. For no other reason but to share how I got here, how it’s not always roses and candy, (mmm…candy), and how finding my way to sexy is a collaboration. Not something that can be done alone, and something when shared, reaps the biggest rewards.  This is meant to be a place to share about life, love, and all the things that come from altering one’s health, after a lifetime of being unhealthy. It’s a place to share life. Rising.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey, where I”ll share photos, I’ll take you back to what it was like, and I’ll bring you back to where I am now. I’ll share with you all the nights I still have popcorn for dinner, and all the other stuff too.

I’ll share the emotional, mental and physical breakdowns, and breakthroughs that come with a journey such as this one.

Thank you in advance for sharing it with me.

Life Rising: Oprah once said, about her 25 years of doing her show, when asked why she quit, that “Life rises. The Universe will provide you with opportunities and you can either rise to meet them, or you can keep doing what you’ve always done…”


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